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LIVESMART recreation, fitness, and health reimbursement valued up to $400*. To be eligible, employees must work an average of 30 hours per week and have been employed for at least six months.  Requests for reimbursement will be processed a maximum of twice per calendar year.  Employees may request reimbursement for 50% of associated costs up to:

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This is available for all companies and locations. 

Also available...

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(up to $400)

(up to $250)

(up to $400 or 100%)

(up to $400)

(up to $400)

*Totals are per family.  For example, if the gym membership is $600, the amount of $300 is eligible for reimbursement.  The following items are covered annually toward recreation and fitness activities: Fitness center or gym membership, Weight Watchers® or other weight loss program or service approved by LIVESMART team, Membership to martial arts, personal training, yoga, or other health related studio, and Registration fees for participation in sporting events to include walking, running/jogging, tennis, dance, triathlons, swimming, cycling, skiing, company sponsored athletic teams, or similar activities.


Documentation will be submitted to LIVESMART Health and Wellness at 2311 Highland Ave S, Suite 202, Birmingham, AL 35205 or by email at Reimbursements will be made on an annual basis (December).

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