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LIVESMART Participant,
We hope you are staying healthy and well during this time of uncertainty and change.  On behalf of O’Neal Industries and in response to COVID-19, we are writing to share updates to the 2020 LIVESMART Health & Wellness Program as it relates to onsite LIVESMART health screening events, LIVESMART Rewards, and Fitness Reimbursements.  At this time, the changes below are for this year only.
LIVESMART Health Screening & Coaching
In an effort to minimize risk to you, your coworkers, and family members,  the LIVESMART health coaches will not be coming onsite for the 2020 LIVESMART Screening and Health coaching. However, our team of coaches will be reaching out via telephone or video conferencing to complete your annual health coaching and goal setting session, as well as follow-up coaching later this year. 
During the summer session,  your coach will review your scoresheet using blood work and measurements completed at your physician’s office this year, or by using your blood work results from last year. 
LIVESMART Medical Qualification Form 
We encourage you to use the LIVESMART Medical Qualification Form when completing your annual preventive exam. Your physician’s office will complete with updated measurements and blood work results and fax them to us.

The Rewards program will look different in 2020. 

There will continue to be three opportunities for financial incentives/reductions, yet at different amounts: 

  • Complete an annual preventive exam with your physician: $50 

  • Complete an annual health coaching session with a health coach: $50

    • VISA gift cards in the amount of $50 or $100 will be distributed in December.

  • Complete the required coaching and campaigns based on your determined club status for a 12.5% or 25% (no tobacco use)  health insurance premium reduction for those with ONI health insurance. 

Doctor and Patient

Fitness reimbursements are still available this year with reimbursement of 50% of your costs up to $200 for the calendar year.  Reimbursement applications will be due by November 13th.  Reimbursements will be made to your payroll by the end of the year.   

LIVESMART Fitness Reimbursement
Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.34.55 PM.png
Holding Hands
Being attentive to your health and well-being is more important than ever during this time. 
  • Will I get a Visa Rewards Card this year?
    Yes. You will receive one Visa Rewards card this year in December in the amount of $50 for completing your annual health coaching session using your 2019 screening results, or $100 for completing a physical examination with your doctor and submitting the Medical Qualification Form to LIVESMART to complete your 2020 health coaching.
  • Will I still be able to earn the insurance premium reduction for 2021?
    Yes. You will be able to complete LIVESMART requirements for up to 25% off your health insurance premiums in 2021. Please complete the required annual health coaching, follow-up coaching, and campaigns based on the club status determined in your 2020 health coaching session. You will receive a 12.5% reduction for full LIVESMART participation (including spouses if covered), and an additional 12.5% reduction for being tobacco-free.
  • Will I get a LIVESMART T-Shirt this year?
    No. Unfortunately, we will not be distributing our annual t-shirts for 2020.
  • Can I participate in LIVESMART this year if it is my first year?
    Yes. We would love to have you participate in our program this year! If possible, visit your doctor for a physical examination and ask your doctor’s office to submit select health measures to LIVESMART using the Medical Qualification Form. A health coach will contact you to complete your health coaching. If you cannot get in to see your doctor in 2020, please contact the LIVESMART team for an alternate option.
  • Are spouses eligible to participate in LIVESMART this year?
    Yes. Spouses are encouraged to participate in LIVESMART and complete the same steps as employees to earn their Visa Rewards card. Spouses covered on company health insurance must, also, complete all required follow-up coaching and campaigns (based on club status) for the employee to earn the health insurance premium reduction.
  • Can I still submit my eligible fitness-related expenses for reimbursement this year?
    Yes. You will be eligible to receive at least 50% of your fitness-related expenses per your company’s policy up to $200 (not $400) in 2020. You can submit your fitness-related expenses to LIVESMART by mail, email, or in the LIVESMART portal on or before November 13th, 2020. Please review your company’s policy at for more information about the percentage of reimbursement and application requirements.
  • My gym was closed for a few months. Can I still submit those expenses for reimbursement?
    Yes. You can submit fitness-related expenses for reimbursement but you must include a fitness log showing you were still active an average of eight days per month during the time your fitness center was closed.
  • Will these changes to the LIVESMART program and incentives be permanent?
    No. At this time, the changes described above will only apply to the 2020 calendar year.
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