Weight Watchers Online enrollment is now available.  

All LIVESMART participants, employees and spouses, are eligible to join.

Cost will be covered 50% upfront for six months, the remaining 50% of cost can be submitted through the Fitness and Recreation Reimbursement Program. 

 Click the links below for more details and directions on how to join.

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Download the PDF to learn more. 


Click on the images below to download the PDFs.

4 Week Weight

Loss Meal Plan

Click Here

Food and Fitness

Planner by WebMD

Create a weight loss plan and monitor daily progress.

Click Here


Lowering Blood Pressure

Meal Plan for

Weight Loss

Click Here

Pinterest Recipes

Check out the LIVESMART Pinterest page for recipes and tips. Click Here

Choose My Plate

Guide to Healthy Eating

MyPlate Website

Find nutrition + physical activity resources for you and your

entire family.  Click Here

LIVESMART Nutrition + Exercise 2018 Videos

Click Here

Choose My Plate

Tip Sheets (bundle)

Guide to Good Eating

Guide to Balanced Eating



For Apps, visit your app store on your phone or tablet to download.

My Fitness Pal 

Android | iPhone


Android |iPhone

Daily Yoga

Android | iPhone

7 Minute Workout

Android | iPhone

Lose It

Android | iPhone

Calm Meditation

Android | iPhone 


Android | iPhone


Getting Started:

Healthy Weight Loss

Discussing the barriers to achieving your weight goal with simple steps to break through them.

Making Weight Loss Work:



Finding the balance to make weight loss work at home, at work and on-the-go.

Maintaining Your Momentum:

Working through the ebbs and flows of achieving your weight loss goals.


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