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Choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle is a smart move. Not only will you enjoy improved well-being, you’ll increase energy, reduce stress and find balance in your life and earn financial rewards.


LIVESMART Rewards are based on participation in the health screening, health coaching, and campaigns offered annually. With the completion of these activities, employees and spouses can earn up to $300 in rewards cards and a reduction on their health insurance premiums. The Rewards Program is available to full-time, benefit-eligible employees and spouses at the time of Reward distribution.

EASY AS 1, 2, 3 


The LIVESMART Program begins with your personal

health screening during one of the Annual Health Screening events.  


  • The measurements include: height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and other health factors.  

  • Once you complete your health screening you will meet with your personal health coach to review your results, inform you of your LIVESMART club status, connect you to additional wellness resources, and assist you in setting health improvement goals.

  • As part of your screening, you will need to complete a health risk assessment through the LIVESMART Portal  or request a paper copy during the screening.

  • Participants can substitute blood work results from their primary care provider for the on-site blood work screening.  

  • To ensure accurate results, participants should not eat food ten hours prior to testing and drink plenty of water (and take medication as prescribed) prior to the event.

ALTERNATE:  You may complete the LIVESMART health screening measurements with your primary care provider. For more information, Click Here.




Your health coach will be there throughout the year to follow-up with you on your journey towards better health.  


  • Twice a year, you will have the opportunity to connect with your health coach in-person or telephonically to complete your follow-up health coaching.

  • Your coach will assess your progress towards goal attainment and assist you in overcoming barriers to success.  

  • To be eligible for rewards, Platinum and Gold club members complete a minimum of one follow-up health coaching session per year and participants in Silver and Bronze club complete two follow-up health coaching sessions per year.



Campaigns are available throughout the year to help you improve your health.


  • Choices are listed under the LIVESMART Campaigns Page. Community and individualized wellness options are available as approved by your health coach.

  • To be eligible for rewards, Platinum club members complete a minimum of one campaign per year and participants in Gold, Silver, or Bronze club must complete two campaigns per year.


LIVESMART Approved campaigns should be at least 4 weeks in length and documentation of completion should be submitted by November 30, 2022.

Notice of Reasonable Alternative Standard:  Your LIVESMART program is committed to helping you achieve your best health. Rewards for participating in a wellness program are available to all employees. If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for a reward under this wellness program, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means. Contact the LIVESMART office at (888) 501-1252 or and we will work with you (and, if you wish, with your doctor or nurse practitioner) to find a wellness program with the same reward that is right for you in light of your health status.

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