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Welcome to the real life successes of your fellow LIVESMART participants. We hope you find their stories engaging, motivating,

and inspirational in your journey to better health and wellness.


Phil McDonald of United Performance Metals in Hamilton, OH was inspired to make health changes in 2023 after a close family member was diagnosed with diabetes. He saw the success they were having after making simple health changes and he knew he could do that too. Through consistent diet changes, he was able to lose 70 pounds and increase his club status to Gold!


What changes have you made to achieve your goal?

I started with cutting back on soda slowly until I got to the point where I was drinking one a day. At the same time, I increased my water intake. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and using a smaller plate at meals, which helped me limit my portion sizes.


What role did LIVESMART play in your success?

I gained good information and tips from LIVESMART coaches on a healthy diet and how to stay full longer. I, also, enjoyed the LIVE Green campaign because it helped keep me busy and gave me great suggestions of activities to do.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to make similar changes in their health?


Improving your health can be challenging but if you stick with it the results WILL come!


Getting extra steps for WALKTOBER is a little bit easier for Gene this year thanks to his 3-year-old granddaughter, Natalie. Natalie had a rare stroke in March 2023 that affected her right arm and leg. She has made amazing strides in her recovery with the encouragement of her family. Gene takes her on walks around his wife's flower beds in their yard and around the neighborhood to see neighbors, dogs, and geese. He holds her right hand to give her more practice in using it. He says "It’s just a matter of reconnecting the brain communication telling her to use it".

Gene has lost 35 pounds since Natalie's stroke and says she is his biggest motivation for improving his health. She is an amazing little girl and Gene says he is one proud grandpa!






Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 3.07.52 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 3.07.40 PM.png

During her LIVESMART coaching in 2022, Rachelle decided she wanted to begin eating healthier and exercising more. Since setting her health goals and coming up with strategies with her LIVESMART Health Coach, she has lost over 30 pounds and decreased her waist circumference by 6 inches. These changes have also paid off by increasing her energy levels and significantly improving her blood work results.


What changes have you made to achieve your goals? 


I started watching my portion sizes and created my meals to include a protein, vegetables, and a whole grain carb. I began choosing healthier snacks and I replaced diet soda with water with a lemon wedge. I still have treats to accommodate my sweet tooth, but I just enjoy a smaller portion now opposed to overindulging. I started walking a mile per day and gradually increased the distance and speed to where I’m now walking/jogging 3 miles 5-6 days/week! I do resistance training 3 days a week as well. Now, it feels like my day is incomplete if I don’t get my workouts in. I have discovered that I truly enjoy exercise and it helps me relieve stress, clear my head, and make me feel accomplished.


What role did LIVESMART play in your success?


LIVESMART’s onsite coaching is very valuable in helping me set goals and progress towards them with great food, recipe, and exercise ideas. I also love participating in all the campaigns to keep me on track all year.


What advice do you have for others?


Set small goals at first and be consistent with those changes. You don’t have to kill yourself with exercise; find an activity you enjoy and do it consistently.


After a few years of being in the LIVESMART program, Jason set a goal to achieve Platinum Club for the first time. He started with small changes to his diet and increased exercise. By staying consistent with these changes he was able to lose 50 pounds, improve his blood pressure and accomplish his goal of achieving the Platinum Club. He has noticed his sleep quality has improved, as well, which gives him energy to run over 20 miles a week.


What changes have you made to achieve your goals? 


I stopped drinking beer completely and replaced it with a lot of water. I began tracking my food intake and meal prepping to limit the fast food in my diet. I also started doing cardio five days a week.


What role did LIVESMART play in your success?


LIVESMART’s incentives served as motivation to strive for Platinum Club and the follow-ups helped me stay on track to reach that goal. Participating in LIVESMART campaigns make living a healthy lifestyle fun and helped me get my whole family involved.


What advice do you have for others?

Consistency with a healthy diet and exercise are important factors to help you achieve your health goals. However, the most crucial ingredients are the willpower and discipline to do better for yourself. Whether it’s hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply choosing a healthier meal, every choice you make moves you closer to your goals. Don’t give up, stay motivated, and keep pushing yourself to be the best version of yourself. You’ve got this!

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 1.24.13 PM.png

Two years ago, Evan decided to be more mindful about exercise and healthy eating. It wasn’t easy, but he stuck with it and began to notice he had more energy and better sleep. This was a huge motivator for him to continue making changes. He has now lost 40 pounds and has advanced his LIVESMART club status by two club levels. He has sustained his weight loss by staying consistent with exercise and healthy eating.


What changes have you made to achieve your goals? 


I started focusing on doing the things that make my body feel better. I began watching my portion sizes and being more mindful about not continuing to eat once I was full. I also focused on the types of foods I was eating. My dinners switched to lean protein and vegetables and I cut out sweets and snacking between meals. When I felt hungry, I would drink water instead of having an unhealthy snack. I started going to the gym everyday to do light weight lifting or walking at an incline on the treadmill.


What role did LIVESMART play in your success?


LIVESMART helped me achieve success by motivating me to make small changes each day. Whether it was getting eight hours of sleep, 30 minutes of activity, or making a healthier food choice, each small action helped move me closer to my goals. WALKTOBER motivated me to walk more each day and I continued that even after the campaign ended.


What advice do you have for others?


Start simple and just take it one day at a time. I highly recommend walking everyday; it has been so beneficial to me. It is a way to get my heart rate up, burn calories, and also clear my head. Also, be mindful about snacking when you’re not hungry and focus on drinking more water between meals. If you are hungry, select a nutritious snack instead.

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 1.11.15 PM.png

Four years ago, Mike began making some simple lifestyle changes. He committed to staying consistent with these healthy changes even when it was difficult and was able to lose over 100 pounds. He feels better and has more energy than ever. He recognizes the value of consistency and having a supportive community to encourage him to be the best version of himself.


What changes have you made to achieve your goals? 


I started making better food choices by cutting back on bread and sweets and watching my portion sizes. I became more active by staying busy with tasks around the house and farm.


What role did LIVESMART play in your success?


Participation in LIVESMART has taught me to set personal goals, kept me accountable, and helped me stay on track through participating in their campaigns. Being able to get my blood work done yearly was extremely valuable and allowed me to see the health improvements from my lifestyle changes. It is a huge blessing to me that our company shows care for their employees by providing LIVESMART, which directly improves our lives. I am thankful to be a part of the O’Neal Industries family.


What advice do you have for others?


Be persistent! Set goals and work hard to meet them. Small daily changes in your habits will make a big difference over time.

Z. Mahan.jpg

Zona was motivated to make some lifestyle changes after noticing that she was getting out of breath easily and not able to keep up with her family while on vacation. She joined Weight Watchers and started walking more to build up her endurance. Through consistency in her healthy habits, she was able to lose 56 pounds in the past year and no longer needs her blood pressure and blood sugar medications. She has gained confidence and is looking forward to her next vacation as she is now able to keep up with her family!


What changes have you made to achieve your goals? 


I’ve started eating more non-starchy vegetables and drinking more water while cutting back on red meat, fast food, and sugar in my diet. Participating in Weight Watchers really helps me stay on track with my diet. I also started walking more to get in shape.


What role did LIVESMART play in your success?


LIVESMART connected me with Weight Watchers and allowed me to participate in the program for a discounted price. Participating in LIVESMART’s campaigns, especially WALKTOBER and Holiday Trio, kept me accountable for making daily decisions to improve my health.


What advice do you have for others?

Stay on track and be consistent so you don’t revert to previous habits. Remember your motivation for changing and have people that support you through your health journey. If you’re working towards weight loss, I strongly recommend trying Weight Watchers.






Fernando hasn’t just been focused on his results over the past five years, but more on the journey to achieve them. This mindset along with the consistent encouragement from his wife, Yolanda, have been key components to his success in improving his health. Fernando has lost 65 lbs, quit smoking, improved his fitness, and advanced his LIVESMART club status. He feels better about himself, has more energy, and doesn’t experience pain during activity like he used to. He continues to be motivated and set new goals for himself including competing in a Spartan or Tough Mudder race for his 50th birthday,


What changes have you made to achieve your goals?


I increased my sleep from an average of 4.5 hours to around 8 hrs of sleep/night by adjusting my busy schedule to allow me to get to bed earlier. I have also focused on drinking more water, eating right (5-6 small meals/day), working out, and improving my mental health.


What role did LIVESMART play in your success?


LIVESMART's engagement and presence keeps my health on the forefront. Between the emails and the coaches coming onsite, there are constant reminders to keep health on my mind. I find it beneficial to know my blood work values and to keep an eye on trends which shows me how my lifestyle changes directly impact my health.


What advice do you have for others?


Be patient. Don’t give up. 

Progress isn’t linear. 

Focus on action items/behaviors, not just weight (weight can be variable).

Jerry Tayse.jpg

Feeling great as he ages and the ability to stay active was the motivation for Jerry to improve his health. He quit smoking, increased his exercise, and changed his eating habits over the course of two years. Although he has already achieved several health goals, he continues to work towards new ones.


What changes did you make to achieve your goals?


I increased my water intake and exercise, started choosing lean meats and fish, cut back on fast food, and was more mindful of my portion sizes. Tracking my water and calorie intake was helpful in staying on track. I gradually cut back on cigarettes and my LIVESMART Health Coach kept me accountable as we discussed tobacco cessation goals and strategies.


What role did LIVESMART play in your success?


My results through LIVESMART participation have been very significant. My health awareness became noticeably more important during coaching sessions with my Health Coach, Kaitlin. The LIVESMART campaigns, especially Strive for 5, Holiday Trio, and WALKTOBER also helped me with making healthier choices and staying motivated. Many of my metrics and blood work values have improved due to awareness through annual screenings. This awareness created a chain reaction of effort which helped in weight loss, stamina, and setting and achieving goals to stop bad habits.


What advice or encouragement do you have for others?


It's a LIVESMART life; it's not easy, but for a motivated person it is achievable. I plan to stay motivated by continuing with my health goals to stay active and eat healthy. I, also, look to professionals for advice and knowledge.

K enneman.jpg

This year, Ken met his goal of achieving Platinum club status, which he set for himself when he joined LIVESMART 10 years ago. He has lost over 30 lbs, quit smoking, increased his exercise, and improved his blood work values so much that he has been able to get off some medications.


What changes did you make to achieve your goals?


I have increased my exercise by taking my dog for walks as often as I can, cut down on my sugar and carb intake while increasing my water, fruit, and vegetable consumption. I also have worked on managing my stress levels. Since making these changes, I’ve noticed that I sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. I have also been able to avoid the side effects of poorly controlled blood sugar by managing my diabetes better.


What role has LIVESMART played in your success?


I participated in LIVESMART’s Diabetes Today specialty campaign which taught me how to better manage my diabetes. Through making these changes, I saw a significant decrease in my blood sugar, A1c values, and need for medication. LIVESMART also helped with my effort to quit smoking by pointing me to resources that provided me with patches. My journey through LIVESMART has helped with my family life and my goal of being around a long time for my children and grandchildren.  


What advice do you have for others?


My advice to others would be to follow your LIVESMART Health Coach’s recommendations and to set goals for yourself to stay accountable for making those changes.






Cris used the pandemic as an opportunity to focus on making lifestyle changes to
improve his health and achieve his fitness goals. Since he began this journey, he has
lost over 60 lbs, has completed his first triathlon, and improved his LIVESMART club
He’s not done yet as he is currently training for several upcoming races including
a 100-mile bike ride and a tough mudder.

What changes did you make to achieve your goals?

I never counted calories in the beginning. I just became more aware of what I was
putting in my body to insure I was in a calorie deficit. I check the scale at work daily to
hold myself accountable. I started slow and small with exercise and have built up over
time (jump rope, kettlebell exercises, body weight exercises, resistance bands, walking).

What role did LIVESMART play in your success?

LIVESMART constantly fed me inspiration. I always do the campaigns and read the
emails to see what information I can take and use. LIVESMART keeps pointing me in
the direction I want to go and providing me the tools and resources I need along the
way. The deeper you get on your journey the more knowledge and resources you look

What advice do you have for others?

There is no magic pill or short cut. You didn’t get in this place overnight so what makes
you think you can fix it overnight. BE PATIENT and just start with a small goal. As you
surpass your goals, continue to make more small goals. When it becomes easier, then
increase your goals. It’s important to be goal-driven. I recommend writing them down. I
wrote my goals on a whiteboard in my room. It started as strictly weight loss goals and
has now moved into other directions (physical activity related). Never become rigid in
what you are doing in your “diet” (naughty word). Your body will adjust, and it is up to
you to change with it to continue to move forward in your body transformation journey.
Finally, I am always free for someone who is looking change their lifestyle. I will gladly
help in any way I can, even if it is just with words of encouragement. If I can inspire just
one person to make a change all the work will be worth it to me.

wendy 2.jpg





 Weight Loss and Physical Activity Reduced My Joint Pain.  

Wendy Haynie-Cosby, wife of William Larry Cosby at TW Metals Wichita, Kansas was looking to boost energy and get rid of her fatigue and pain. Over the last 3 years, her daily activity had declined and she knew she needed to lose weight and exercise more to improve her health.


What was your motivation for improving your health?


The annual LIVESMART Screening and Coaching event provided me with key health measures over time about how my health was trending. It was helpful to see my blood work numbers and I noticed they were not moving in the right direction, so I decided it was time to improve my health. Since June 2018, I have lost 47 pounds and have significantly reduced my joint pain.  


How did you achieve your success?


I began recording my progress and behaviors. Stepping on the scale and seeing my weight number go down was very motivating. I stopped eating at fast-food restaurants as much and started to cook more at home. Additionally, I removed sodas and began drinking more water. WALKTOBER helped me to keep track of my activity and encouraged me to get out more. Now, I make a conscious effort to move more by going on walks with my husband.


What advice do you have for others and what are your goals moving forward?

Make changes you can sustain. Use measurable outcomes to track progress and positively reinforce yourself with non-food rewards. The difference is believing you can do it. Moving forward, my goals are to lose an additional five pounds and maintain my healthy lifestyle for years to come.

GGA After.jpg


GGA Before.jpg


O’Neal Manufacturing Services  |  Ambridge, PA

What was your motivation to join Scale Back | Give Back 2019?

We both wanted to lose around 50 pounds. The campaign provided an incentive to help us meet our goals and provided us with tools and resources.


How did you achieve your wellness and weight goals?

We started to write down everything with ate which was very helpful. We also had the support of our family members along the way. We focused on eating healthy and exercising - we tried to remember it is a lifestyle and not a diet.


What success have you seen so far and what are your goals moving forward?

During the campaign, we lost more than 75 pounds. We have seen a major change in our bodies and we love the healthy food we are continuing to eat! We have so much more energy and are able to keep up with our 4 grandchildren. We, also, had to buy smaller clothes for the first time in a long time. We are looking forward to continuing our journey to better health and hope to inspire others along the way!

Jeff Beckner after.jpg


J. Beckner 1.jpg


O'Neal Manufacturing Services  |  Indianapolis, IN

What was your motivation to join Scale Back | Give Back?


After experiencing a heart attack in 2016 and my cardiologist discussing the possibility of weight-loss surgery, I decided it was time for a change. LIVESMART’s Scale Back | Give Back campaign came at the perfect time for me to start my weight loss journey.


How did you achieve your wellness and weight loss goal?


Participating in Scale Back | Give Back encouraged me to create new habits. The Give Back portion of the campaign helped me keep my journey moving forward. I try to prepare my meals for the week each Sunday, controls my portions and drink more water. In addition to diet changes, I also swims three to four times a week. Support from those around me was very important to keep me going. My daughter was my initial support system, but then the entire Indy plant became my second support group.


What success have you seen so far and what are your goals moving forward?


My initial goal was to lose about 25 pounds by the end of the year. By the end of the Give Back campaign in September, I had lost over 70 pounds and 5 pants sizes. My cardiologist has taken me off of two medications as a result of my weight loss, and I feel tremendously better. I plan to continue my weight loss this year and have new goals set moving forward.

J. Elrod 1.JPG

What was your motivation to join Scale Back | Give Back?

Scale Back | Give Back complimented the weight loss goals I had set for myself in 2018 and gave me more motivation to continue. I had already lost about 10 pounds but was excited to continue with weight loss. My husband was on a similar health journey so it became a something we did as a whole family.


How did you achieve your wellness and weight loss goal?

Staying determined was the biggest lifestyle change I made. I reduced the amount of carbohydrates and sugar that I ate and changed my grocery shopping habits to stay along the perimeter for most of my food. Seeing the pounds come off on the scale and the change in the way my clothes fit was the biggest motivation.


What success have you seen so far and what are your goals moving forward?

Overall, I lost over 60 pounds and 12 pants sizes by the end of the campaign. Even more important though, I gained confidence and have more energy than I have in years! I was able to take a trip to South America with my family and participate in activities I wouldn’t normally have had the energy to do. My whole family has seen a change for the better through this journey and we are looking forward to continuing with our healthy lifestyle!

M. Mendoza_12.13.18.jpg

What was your motivation to join Scale Back | Give Back?

Timing was everything for me. After the loss of my daughter, I realized I was relying on food as emotional support. I had reached my heaviest weight and was ready to make a change. I really liked the idea that my weight loss would contribute to the food donation if I was successful with the campaign.


How did you achieve your wellness and weight loss goal?

My initial goal was to lose 10 pounds. I started to be more aware of portion sizes especially when eating out. My husband would help me look at the menus ahead of time so I was prepared to make a healthy choice. I, also, found support in my neighbor who is a cancer survivor and would go on hiking adventure with her. I increased my exercise and incorporated yoga and daily walking into my routine.


What success have you seen so far and what are your goals moving forward?

I ended up dropping 35 pounds by the end of the campaign. I have more energy and was able to hike for 2 hours to reach the top of a mountain! My emotional state has improved and my doctor was very pleased with my blood work numbers at my last visit. My goal moving forward is to continue to be active and maintain all of the positive lifestyle changes I have adopted.

M. McCubbins_edited.jpg
O'Neal Manufacturing Services  |  Louisville, KY

What was your motivation to join Scale Back | Give Back?

I joined Scale Back | Give Back campaign to improve my overall health and be a good example for my children and grandchildren. My husband was ready to make similar health changes too so we were able to support each other throughout the campaign.


How did you achieve your wellness and weight loss goals?

We started by cleaning out our kitchen cabinets to get rid of chips, sweets or anything we felt was not healthy for us. We started eating more fruits and vegetables and drank water instead of sugary beverages. It was pretty hard at first and we slipped up a few times but would always get back on track. We learned portion control was really important and that it is ok to have a dessert every now and then.


What success have you seen so far and what are your goals moving forward?

My ultimate success is that I feel so much better! I lost over 20 pounds during the program and it has made a big difference in the way I feel. I have more energy and am able to focus better. I would recommend this wonderful campaign to anyone who wants to improve their health!

D. Riley_12_13_18_edited.jpg

What was your motivation to join Scale Back | Give Back?

My interest in participating in Scale Back | Give Back came from wanting to improve my overall health by losing weight and being more active.


How did you achieve your wellness and weight loss goal?

I joined Weight Watchers to help me with my weight loss goal. I enjoyed using their point system to keep up with what I was eating each day. I, also, found it helpful to reduce my caffeine and sugar intake. My wife was a big support through this process because she had similar goals.


What success have you seen so far and what are your goals moving forward?

I was able to lose 26 pounds by the end of the campaign. My blood pressure and heart rate both improved as well. I plan to continue with my weight loss journey with a goal of losing another five pounds.

Lenny Edelen
O'Neal Manufacturing Services, Houston, TX


Danny enrolled in Scale Back, a LIVESMART weight management program, in January 2018 with goals to lose weight and improve his health. His family was his inspiration for making these changes and helped him practice habits that would ultimately lead to his success.


Losing weight and keeping it off is difficult.  

How were you successful?

My inspiration came from my son who recently lost significant weight by following a healthy eating and physical activity plan. I began practicing similar habits with him including more activity. In addition to being very active on my job, I use the treadmill up to five days a week for at least 30 minutes. I have also reduced my less fried food and have increased my vegetable intake. As a result, I lost 15 pounds during the initial two months of Scale Back


Moving forward, what are your plans?

I am proud of the healthy changes our family has been focusing on and want to be their inspiration. As a role model, I want to continue to practice healthy habits to maintain my weight loss, while also preventing future health complications.  I want to continue creating more memories with the ones I love and motivate them to do the same.

Lenny Edelen
United Performance Metals, Chicago, IL


Roberta Zaransky of United Performance Metals in Chicago, IL decided it was time to make a change after seeing a picture of herself from a party. Her motivation was improved health and to feel better about herself.

What plan did you follow to accomplish your goals?
My LIVESMART Health Coaching really helped to motivate me to change. When I saw the number on the scale it hit home and I knew it was time to change. I joined Weight Watchers and changed my food choices. I increased the amount of water I was drinking and chose more fruits, vegetables and protein-rich foods.

What success have you seen during your journey?
I have gained my self-confidence back and I feel so good each day. Nothing I ate made me feel as good as slipping into a pair of jeans in a size I could never have imagined.

What is your goal moving forward?
I want to keep the weight off that I have lost. I plan on doing this by continuing to walk and move more. I, also, love to eat so I don’t deny myself but will continue to be careful about my portion sizes and quality of food. 

Keep up the healthy eating & walking, Roberta!

Lenny Edelen
United Performance Metals, Hamilton, Ohio


Robert Huff, an employee of United Performance Metals, Hamilton, OH, was interested in improving his health - not only for his personal benefit, but for the benefit of his family.  


What plan did you follow throughout your journey of health improvement?

After reviewing my LIVESMART screening results, my wife, who has a background in nutrition, encouraged and guided me on how to improve my eating habits as well as continuing to eat healthier as a family.


What success did you see during Scale Back | Give Back?

Through my participation in Scale Back | Give Back 2017, coupled with the  encouragement from my coworkers and family, I lost 40 pounds during the year. We implemented healthy eating by cooking more at home and eating less fast food.  I am feeling better and have more energy to play with my kids.


What are your goals for moving forward?

I will focus on continuing to maintain and lose weight and improve my overall health - while enjoying time with my family including our new baby. My motivation to continue to improve my health is a family affair.  

So excited for you and your family, Robert!

Lenny Edelen
O'Neal Manufacturing Services, Houston, Texas


Larry Merchant of O’Neal Manufacturing Services in Houston, TX decided he wanted to take weight loss seriously this year during

Scale Back | Give Back.

What plan did you follow throughout your weight loss journey?
I started documenting everything I ate in an application called myfitnesspal. I changed my diet by trying to cut back on the amount of carbohydrates I was eating. I, also, have been walking more for exercise.

What success did you see during Scale Back | Give Back?
I have lost about 75 pounds and 6 inches off my waist and it’s made a big difference in my daily life. Little things like putting my socks and shoes on are much easier to do. My walking has gotten easier and I am sleeping better, which give me more energy throughout the day.

What is your goal for moving forward?
I definitely want to continue to lose weight and improve my blood pressure. My motivation to continue with this goal is to improve my club status with LIVESMART and show my LIVESMART coaches my progress. I plan to continue with my healthy diet and am going to start adding weight training to my exercise plan.

Keep up the great work, Larry!

Lenny Edelen
O'Neal Steel, Evansville, Indiana

Better Life with Better Health ... Together

Chris and Todd Lindsey began their journey to better health in 2016 and have since lost a combined 95 pounds and over 18 inches! They both were motivated to lose weight in order to improve their health, have more energy, be able to be more active with their family and grandchild.


What tools did you use to lose the weight?  Todd used an app for tracking his nutrition and I (Chris) joined Weight Watchers. We worked on meal planning together and helped to motivate each other.


How did you stay motivated and continue to lose weight?  Our LIVESMART coaching sessions and programs helped to keep us challenged and tracked the progress we were making. I (Chris) enjoy the treadmill and hiking for exercise and Todd likes to use the elliptical and lift weights. Now, we are focused on maintaining our weight loss, increasing muscle mass and improving fitness level.

What healthy snacks do you recommend? 

Chris  - Greek yogurt with strawberries and dark chocolate chips

Todd – Oranges, string cheese and habanero flavored almonds

Great job Chris and Todd!

Lenny Edelen
O'Neal Manufacturing Services, Indianapolis, Indiana

 Staying Healthy Together with the


Luis and his family love to stay active by riding bicycles, playing at the park, visiting the zoo and participating in 5K races. Staying active is important to the Heredia family to help them relax, keep their routine interesting, and encourage healthy development for their kids. 


How did SFC impact your family?  It encouraged us to try different wellness activities like eating healthier, going offline to spend time together, drinking more water and staying active. The SFC guide really helps to keep track of our progress & challenges us to try different things.


What was special about the SFC for you and your family? During the challenge, we completed the Bubble Run, an event that benefited children’s cancer research. We will continue to live healthy as a family.  We are looking forward to the 2017 Summer Family Challenge this year! 

Congratulations to Luis and his family on living healthy

at work, at home and at play!

Lenny Edelen
Spring 2017

Angel Gutierrez of TW Metals in Seattle, WA had used tobacco for 32 years when he decided to quit. He had started using tobacco at a very young age. 


With the help of LIVESMART and his own self-determination, he committed to quitting for good in September 2014. He said knowing that TW Metals and LIVESMART cared about him made it that much easier to quit! He used exercise, hobbies, and faith to help him along the way.


Today, Angel says he doesn’t even think about tobacco anymore and it is the best feeling. He says, “My attitude is changed and I am more productive at work and outside of work”. He makes an effort everyday to help others around him, friends, co-workers and strangers and is very active in charities throughout the year.


Great job Angel on your continued success at living tobacco free!

Lenny Edelen
Winter 2016

Lance Ireland from O’Neal Birmingham, AL inspires his coworkers, family, and friends with his amazing transformation. A LIVESMART participant since 2015, Lance has lost an incredible 58 pounds and 11.5 inches off his waist! 


Not only has he changed his diet by including more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats, but he regularly practices a combination of cardio and weight lifting up to 6 days per week. He has stopped using tobacco and no longer has to take blood pressure medication. His wife, Christy, has been very supportive in his journey. They enjoy working out together and eating for better health!

Lenny Edelen
Fall 2016

Congratulations to Lenny Edelen from O'Neal Manufacturing Services in Louisville, KY for completing an IRONMAN competition on October 9th! He swam 2.4 miles in the Ohio River, biked 112 miles, and ran 26.2 miles for a total of 140.6 miles in 14.58 hours. He placed in the top 20% of the competition out of 2000 people.

Great job Lenny!

Lenny Edelen
Lenny Edelen
Spring 2016

Paul Smith of Plus Ten in Benicia, CA lost 43 pounds after enrolling in LIVESMART by improving his diet and increasing exercise.

Lenny Edelen
Fall 2015

During the Summer Family Makeover program, Keith and Bridget Patin’s family enjoyed the beaches of Gulf Shores, AL. They participated in activities together, including rafting, kayaking, pontoon boating, shelling, and enjoying the fresh seafood. During their summer beach time, they unplugged from television, newspapers, and the radio to enjoy quality time together.


The Patins achieved their goals of reducing screen time to less than 2 hours per day, consuming no sugary beverages, getting at least an hour of physical activity and eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Bridget states she “loves the LIVESMART programs and appreciates the fun ways of being challenged for better health.

Lenny Edelen
Fall 2015

Clayton has been a LIVESMART participant since 2011, and has lost 33 pounds and 5 inches off his waist.


In addition to making healthier food choices, Clayton joined a gym andhas been exercising 4-5 days every week. Most importantly, he is now maintaining better control of his Diabetes, and has improved his Hgb A1c level from 9.1% to 6.4%. Clayton says, “With all the positive changes I’ve made through the LIVESMART program, I can climb the hills more easily during hunting season and have more energy to cheer on the University of Kentucky Wildcats!”

Lenny Edelen
Summer 2015

Calvin Journet of O’Neal Steel in Lafayette, LA quit smoking after 40 years and moved up to the Platinum club!

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